Susan Senk PR & Marketing has worked on over 400 publicity campaigns on behalf of studios and independent partners including distributors, directors and producers. They understand the complex business of film from brainstorming to strategy to on the ground execution.

The campaigns include features and documentaries: Jewish, environmental, music, hip hop, science, health, sports. Campaigns include: theatrical, DVD, VOD, Virtual Cinema, Streaming, features and documentaries: Jewish, environmental, music, political, science, health, sports.

The agency creates, implements and manages an integrated mix of publicity, outreach and promotions by connecting with tv, radio and print outlets,social media influencers, websites and podcasts.

They maintain a strong focus on filmmakers with exceptional vision and storytelling skills. With imagination and astute strategizing SSPR&M plots publicity campaigns that commends attention. They give undivided attention to each project.

SSPR&M has represented a vast slate of quality, diverse independent films including those directed by Emile Ardolino, Dario Argento, Nick Broomfield, Jonathan Demme, Nora Ephron, Abel Ferrera, Stephen Frears, Marleen Gorris, John Huston, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Aviva Kempner, Kenneth Lonergan, Penny Marshall, Martin Scorsese, George Sluizer.